My Alter Ego

And so it begins…

I am Kerasia Hexicola. A name a chose myself in a panic when confronted with the Second Life name generator. It means “Little Cherry” in Greek and when Kerasia entered Second Life she did indeed look very Greek, dark skin, dark eyes, but as time has gone on Kera ( as she is now called) has found herself. And she is nothing like the girl who rezzed for the first time on 19th October 2010 but Kera is me and I am Kera. I thought I would start this blog in order to catalogue all the different things Kera gets to wear in Second Life.  All her fashion discoveries, dillemmas, disasters, and the wonderful Second Life designers that make my dreams come true.


Kera constantly changes, little tweaks here and there.  This ablilty to change yourself consistently is, depending on how you look at it, is  either a blessing or a curse.  So, this is me… alternately cursed and blessed but always learning and surrounded by people I love.


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