My Alter Ego

Miss Mohna Lisa 2012…….. Me?!?

A group of my dearest friends in Second Life and I all decided to enter the Miss Mohna Lisa Contest, the dresses are divine, so detailed and sumptuous, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. So, I chose the divine Angelica in Gold and got to work.

Picture taken and submitted. I almost forgot about the picture I had submitted until, I saw the notecard that i had got through to the finals. I had the biggest grin on my face. I would walk at the Patch Auditorium with some of the most amazing models in SL. The rehearsals and preparation was truly wonderful and I met some friends that I know will remain so. The event itself was amazing, despite my nerves and sweaty palms and heart beating fast, I managed to walk in a straight line and pose when cued to.


However, the biggest surprise and one that still makes me grin like a cheshire cat is that against all the odds. I won!!! Me… Kerasia Hexicola… Won!!  I had to read the name in the chat several times over in order to make sure I didnt walk out when, actually someone else had one, but no.. it was actually, unbelievably me!




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