My Alter Ego

#25 Falling Out

All day it has taken me to take this meagre offering of a photo. All day.  All day, when actually I should have been writing reports ,but who wants to write reports when there are shops I have never discovered before with glorious things all whispering ” Buy me, Buy me”

My Jiminy Cricket consience is rubbish and once again I have succumbed to temptation. Tomorrow is report writing day and if you see me online, you have full permission to tell me off – Harshly!

I set myself a little challenge to try and post something that consists of only things from shops i have never been to before.. I succeeded… except for the shoes!


  • Dress – Valentina. E Couture – Bodice Dress Slim Skirt
  • Hair – Kin – Cricket.
  • Hairband – Apple May Designs – Black Night Head Band
  • Gloves – Tres Beau – from Chanel Outfit.
  • Shoes – Ncore – Ultra Coquette
  • Belt – Ingenue – Traveller Belt
  • Lariat –  Atelier AM
  • Pose – <s.b> (Pose Fair)
  • Kera – Frustrated

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