My Alter Ego

# 73 Fashion For Life III

I was about to start this post with a rant, a whole “woe is me” about my graphics card struggles. But as I was doing what limited editing I know how to do, I thought to myself.  This is so irrelevant – graphics cards, and settings and windlights not working – really in the grand scheme of things, in fact even in the day to day struggle of things it really  DOES NOT matter.  There are bigger things to get mad about, more important issues to put my energy into. How amazing that we have something like Fashion For Life in Second Life where we can happily shop for extraordinary items from the comfort of our own home and in the process know that we are helping in the grand scheme of things. Because every little helps!

FFL Items

  • Dress – *LpD* – Steam Cloud Dress
  • Hair – .: EMO-tions :. – * Estelle*
  • Jewels – Finesmith – Kota
  • Poses – PosESioN – Drama Set
  • Make up – Madrid Solo – Twice Shy, Eye Design.


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